Our Mission:

To promote positive youth development through working with all youth-serving organizations in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County to support, coordinate and examine the needs of our youth. The Office gathers and evaluates data related to the needs of youth, works to coordinate services for efficient delivery, advocates for needed services, and is a resource center for information concerning youth.

Our Goals:

  • Encourage and motivate individuals, organizations, and leaders to join together in nurturing competent, caring, and responsible young people.
  • Use the Search Institute Asset Model of Youth Development to foster long-term initiatives that promote the healthy development of children and youth.
  • Build on the assets in our community and support services to reduce at-risk behaviors.
  • Coordinate current youth services, eliminating duplication of services and examining the unmet needs of youth.
  • Provide a central point of contact for youth services, disseminate information to the community, and promote new initiatives.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for youth services based on input from agencies, input from the youth survey, and focus group data.
  • Seek funding opportunities.
  • Overseeing direct service programs.